Reformer Fundamentals


A beginner-level class focusing on Pilates basics and core stability.

Reformer Next Level

An intermediate class for those comfortable with Pilates basics. Several Fundamentals classes recommended before attending.

Reformer Mastery

A challenging Reformer class for clients who have extensive experience with Pilates. Several Next Level classes recommended prior to attending. A 2 client minimum is required for class; classes with fewer than 2 clients are subject to cancellation.

Pilates Mixed Equipment

A varied class utilizing multiple pieces of Pilates equipment and props for a full-body workout.

Pilates Stretch

A balanced class devoted to stretching, releasing and lengthening. A blend of active and static stretches and myofascial release with optional challenges to move into deeper release.

Pilates Circuit Classes

A fun and energetic class incorporating multiple pieces of Pilates equipment to offer a full-body workout. Circuit classes are taught by 2 instructors who focus on core strength, lengthening, and strength training. 

Pilates Mat Boot Camp

Get ready for the burn! A high-intensity, heart pounding workout utilizing cross-training modalities to deliver a well-rounded and fast-paced sweat session. 

Private Group Classes

Designed for small groups of clients who want to get a great workout together in a private class. Led by a Marathon Pilates Instructor, Private Group Classes are ideal for team-building events for organizations, celebrating special occasions, or simply getting friends together for a private Pilates class. Classes are tailored to the needs and preferences of clients and can accommodate 4-16 people.  Please email to book.