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Make Every Body Proud.
Non-invasive slimming technology to help you shape the body you want.

What is Cryoskin?

Cryoskin is a safe, soothing, non-invasive cosmetic service that utilizes a temperature-controlled massage wand to promote a slimmer, more toned appearance.

How does it work?

The session lasts for about 30 minutes and is done manually through a massage technique. The sessions are 100% non-invasive and there is no downtime.

How quickly will I see results?

The first results are generally visible from the first session and often very encouraging, however at least 5 sessions are typically recommended.. 78% of clients say their results are excellent.


Not only did I love the results and the glow from one facial and face treatment, but I loved the actual service and pampering I received from Ruby. The session was fantastic, but the actual results were what blew my mind. In just one treatment the expression line between my brows softened so much that it almost became non existent. It gave my skin a very beautiful glow that made me feel so confident. Loved my experience from the moment I walked in to the compliments I received well after my facial treatment.

- Susan

Image by Henry & Co.
35_slimming and toning before_after_5658
35_slimming and toning before_after_5658

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Abs Slimming (front)
Abs Slimming (front)

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35_slimming and toning before_after_5658
35_slimming and toning before_after_5658

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Check out our Cryoskin Benefits


CryoSlimming® uses the application of alternating heat and cold temperatures in order to stimulate and encourage the natural process of releasing fat cells through the lymphatic system. The massage wand is applied using a specialized technique in a localized area.


CryoToning® uses cold massage to smooth, lift, and firm skin, reduce the appearance of imperfections, and improve the skin’s overall texture and appearance.



CryoFacials use cold temperatures to increase blood flow and oxygen, which helps to reduce the signs of aging while also providing brightening, contouring, and lifting. CryoFacials are a natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant.

CryoTherapy Pain Relief

Treat your aches, pains or sports injuries with Cryo
Reduce pain, swelling and inflammation with our top of the line Cryotherapy device.
Our Cryoskin special hand piece (different from our slimming or toning hand piece) creates thermal shock causing a physiological reaction of the neurovegative system reducing nerve sensation decreasing your pain and discomfort. This treatment helps with pain relief and anti-inflamatory!


We offer treatments for a range of issues:
- Bursitis
- Plantar fasciitis
- Rotator Cuff
- Tendonitis
- Tennis Elbow
- Neck, Joint or Back pain
- Sciatica
- Muscle Recovery
- Migraines

We also offer cryotherapy for muscle recovery
We also offer cryotherapy for muscle recovery. Therapeutic temperatures slows tissue metabolism and stops swelling preventing secondary cell damage. Restore blood circulation, heal faster and get back your range of motion!
Try Cryo once a week post workout and be back to peak training performance!

Treatments can be performed up to 3x a week!

*All sessions are non refundable


Cryoskin cools the skin just enough to reduce inches while improving the quality of your skin.


No suction, no surgery. Just incredible results.

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