Meet Anissa

Meet Anissa | Marathon Pilates

When a human being feels pain, limitation or struggle in their body, no matter how minor, it can lead to the most fascinating beginning of self-discovery. The initial reaction of “what is wrong with me, and how can I fix it?” or for athletes “how do I get that edge?” begins to unravel a deeper journey into a wide scope of complex questions that arise every day for millions of people trying to fully understand.

Pilates opens that door to awareness and forges a unique connection with the body. It’s a journey that is ongoing

I have dedicated my life to helping others heal through the fundamental Pilates principles. It is why I opened Marathon Pilates 12 South in 2014 and have continued to expand with opening MP East in 2017. By partnering with innovative, educated, competent teachers and Body workers of all kinds, I continue to bring the healing properties of Pilates to Nashville.

 My own post-pregnancy story of crippling back pain led me to Pilates and it healed my body both intrinsically and irrevocably. It continues to be the answer to all my body’s inquiries. Personally, I enjoy facilitating the Pilates Body foundation by mixing it with my own unique blend of what I feel will accomplish what the client needs…a strong and balanced body. Myself and a village of talented, amazing people are here to serve and pass along the methodology of Joseph Pilates’ life work.

I’m a consciously engaged mother of 2 daughters, a faithful dog Roxy, and a mystical little kitty Esme. I am also an avid cross trainer. I love Barre, Spin and love to travel. I have great friends, a loving supportive family and feel like I’m the most grateful being on this planet! I have a BA from Xavier University, 1993 and am a CPI, Balanced Body. My all-time favorite body quote: “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” Joseph Pilates