Marathon Pilates is proud to partner with great local businesses to offer a full range of wellness services in your community.

B Well


Founded by LMT and Balanced Body Master Pilates Instructor Lisa Brown, bWELL Corrective Massage provides a custom massage that looks at clients as a whole. She works to understand not only the current condition of the body but also the condition of the body once the client leaves their session. As a trained movement and Pilates practitioner, Lisa provides clients with exercises and techniques they can use at home to release tension or help strengthen under active muscles that might be contributing to pain.               


For booking and inquiries contact bWELL at:

PH: 615-730-6638

Fruition Salon

Situated in a historic building that was once a neighborhood grocer, luxury and sustainability seamlessly combine to create an inviting atmosphere and unforgettable experience. Warmth and kindness are central to Heather's and Lauren's approach at Fruition. Born in the midwest, and after honing their crafts in Atlanta and Chicago, the duo eventually made their way to Nashville, and immediately felt at home.

 Eager to create an elevated experience, one where all clients are welcome, they joined forces and have made Fruition Salon a Nashville favorite.

© Fruition Salon  |  2700 B Belmont Blvd.  |  Nashville, TN 37212  |  615.298.7771

Pure Sweat Sauna Studio

Pure Sweat Sauna Studio is a space for wellness, rooted in community and connection, offering state-of-the-art, full spectrum, infrared saunas. 

Acclaimed by the world’s leading health experts, elite athletes, and people just like you, Infrared Saunas deliver an abundance of clinically tested and research-based health and healing benefits, including detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, reduced inflammation and deep, mental + physical relaxation.  Our Infrared Sauna Lounge, located in 12th South, comprises 5 spacious sauna suites, as well as a Deluxe Suite, which can accommodate up to 4 guests.  Sister Studio to Pure Sweat + Float Studio, Winner of The Nashville Scene's "Best Of” awards, as well as a MindBody Visionary, we are a community-focused retreat for those seeking enhanced health and well-being.   

Life is busy and often stressful. We take pride in providing a pristine environment where you can relax, reset and recharge. Just leave your worries at the door, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our array of specialty, wellness products are hand-selected to support whole body health, beauty and bliss.  We welcome clients aged 16 years and up and are open everyday. Book a session today to experience how Pure Sweat Sauna Studio can bring self-care and wellness into your life.


1204 Dallas Ave.
Nashville, TN 37212

Marathon Fitness

In December, 1999, Marathon Fitness was formed to provide a personal training center to the greater Nashville community. Although we have been successful, focusing primarily on personal training, our mission now is to expand our facility and provide our clientele with a more complete fitness environment.

In addition to our existing services we have introduced a walking and jogging club, specialized programs for overweight children, and additional trainers to facilitate increased growth.


2907 12th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37212