Marathon Pilates’ trust & reputation are part of what make the studio great. What began as a Pilates studio has blossomed into a multi-modality wellness center. MP focuses on all aspects of health and wellness inside and out, with a small retail space at our 12th Ave studio. We align with the best instructors to ensure your needs are uniquely met. Meet Team MP!


Lindsey’s Pilates journey began in college and it could not have come at a better time. Growing up, Lindsey struggled with tight hips and hamstrings and took dance in high school to improve her strength and mobility. Wanting to try something new, she signed up for a Pilates course at Belmont University, hoping that it could help her the way that dance had. She quickly noticed improvements in her strength and flexibility and fell in love with the practice. Seeing the benefits of Pilates firsthand, Lindsey decided to pursue Pilates Instructor training under Balanced Body Master Instructor, David Gensheimer. Lindsey loves working with her clients and teaching others about the benefits of Pilates. 

Lindsey’s approach to teaching is energetic, approachable and inclusive. She’s encouraging and gives a challenging workout providing modifications as needed to ensure successful movement experiences for all.  

Lindsey Baylor



Maranda loves to move and to challenge her mind and body. Born and raised in Muncie, Indiana, she was heavily involved in dance and gymnastics from age eight until she graduated high school. In 2009, Maranda decided to continue her passion for dance at Ball State University, where she received a B.S. in Dance Performance with a Sports Medicine minor. Being active growing up, she was intrigued with how the body moved and worked. Having several injuries from dance and gymnastics, Maranda enjoyed learning how to heal her body. In 2010, while studying at Ball State, she was introduced to Pilates. In just one semester, she noticed a difference in her strength and awareness and an improvement in her dancing. 2015, while living in Chicago, Maranda finally decided to take her love for Pilates a step further and signed up for the BASI Pilates Comprehensive Program. Maranda has been teaching Pilates since 2015 and dance since 2010. Maranda, her husband, and their two fur babies moved to Nashville from Chicago in January 2019, and they are enjoying the nice weather and change of scenery.

Maranda Zimmerman


Emily Barbee

Emily became a certified Pilates instructor at the age of eighteen, just prior to moving to NYC to train with the American Ballet Theatre and Joffrey Ballet School for two years. In 2009, soon after returning to Nashville, she suffered a spinal injury that resulted in severe scoliosis, multiple relapses, and disintegrating hopes for a career in dance. The next year she providentially discovered Balanced Body University, and under the mentorship of Erin Myers, became fully certified in their approach to rehabilitative training and anatomical application.

Her personal restoration fuels her profound empathy and intuitive insights for those in pain, and she has experienced great fulfillment in inspiring hope, strength, and joy through movement in her clients. Her exuberance, mastery of technique, and deep faith in our bodies capacity to heal are essential elements in the training she provides.

Emily Barbee
CPI/Senior Trainer


Susan took her first barre class in September of 2011 and eventually started teaching not long after in May of 2012. With a background in dance and an interest in anatomy, it didn't take long to realize barre was the perfect union of those two interests. Originally from Chicago, Susan has taught barre in several cities and states and eventually landed in Nashville in 2015. It wasn't until she was 20 weeks pregnant with her first baby that she thought it would be a good idea to try her first Pilates class ever and walked into Marathon's studio ready to work. From that first class she fell in love with the parallels of barre and Pilates and continued her practice at Marathon. In March of 2020 after the tornado hit Nashville and at the start of a pandemic, Susan took on the role of manager of Marathon. Even though the timing was interesting in starting a new role, she was (and is!) so excited to be a part of the Marathon family!

Susan LeGrand

Manager, CBI


Sirkka is a graduate of The Pliates Center in Boulder, Colorado where she grew up and also received a BA in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. As a young dancer, Sirkka sustained a hip injury that required surgery at the age of 18. Discovering Pilates and her new found passion for anatomy and the body’s amazing abilities to heal lead to a full recovery and a continued pursuit of her dance career. She was certified as a Pilates instructor in 1995.
In 1996, she moved to NYC to teach Pilates at Hila Pauldi’s UBC Studio and scholarship to study dance with the Erick Hawkins Dance Company.  She taught anatomy and repertoire for the Kane School training program in years 2000-2002. Sirkka also taught at The Moving Body in Woodstock, NY from 2001-2013 and was the primary repertoire teacher for The Moving Body Teacher Training.
Sirkka joined the MP Team in 2016 and brings 25 years teaching experience for persons of all ages and abilities. She has a passion for exploring new ways to mobilize and strengthen the body and uses a creative approach to teaching as well as a deep knowledge of the traditional Pilates method.

Sirkka Wood
CPI/Senior Trainer


Anissa has been teaching  Pilates for the past 10 years and is a fully certified Balanced Body instructor with over 800 hours of training and CEU’s in anatomy, comprehensive training in mat Pilates and equipment Pilates. A native of Louisville and a graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati, she worked successfully in corporate America for many years. Anissa has two children and started taking Pilates after the birth of her second daughter in order to strengthen her core and correct issues associated with childbirth. That experience taught her the unique restorative techniques of Pilates, which has helped her not only reform her own body, but of others as well. Anissa believes deeply in Pilates to achieve maximum results. Her approach to Pilates is unique as it incorporates the Pilates principles but then cross trains with other exercise disciplines to achieve the result of an integrally strong and balanced physique.

Anissa Pollard


Gabrielle has been teaching yoga for 9 years. Her teaching style is alignment based, with an emphasis on creating sustainable flexibility and strength in the body. She places a focus on the movement of energy, or prana, and meditative techniques that support presence and and self inquiry. Gabrielle has studied with Nikki Estrada, Annie Carpenter, Rod Stryker, and Ally Bogard.

Gabrielle Johnson

Megan C

Megan received her M.F.A. in Dance with a concentration in choreography and performance from The Florida State University’s (FSU) School of Dance in 2016, where she also earned a B.S. in Environmental Science with a minor in Chemistry. During her graduate career, Megan became Mat 1 and 2 Pilates certified through Balanced Body under the mentorship of Dr. Tom Welsh, a renowned dance scientist. Later, Megan moved back to Miami where she further extended her knowledge of Pilates, receiving her comprehensive training through Polestar Pilates and recently became a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher. Today, Megan is a Budokon Mobility ambassador, graduating from teacher training in October 2020.

Megan is an explorer looking for like-minded adventurers who want to discover their full potential by taking risks and trying on unconventional movement patterns to unlock new sensations and strength in the body. She is passionate about helping others to move more efficiently with breath and awareness. When Megan is not teaching Pilates, she is dancing, choreographing, rock climbing, training in calisthenics, and making connections in the dance community.

Megan Carvajal



Andi moved to Nashville 4 months ago and is passionate all things fitness. Not only is she a Pilates trainer, she's also Yoga certified, and is also working on her personal training certification. 

Andi White


Bio coming soon!

Meredith Capps


Elizabeth came to know the Pilates Method 12 years ago when she was recovering from her third knee surgery. Upon finishing the very first session, she was immediately blown away by two things: how much she had been compensating for her injury, and how much better aligned and more functional she felt after just one session. She loved how Pilates allowed her whole body to function better and more harmoniously in everyday life. In 2018, Elizabeth realized her true passion was to help people with injuries regain function and reduce pain, and to guide healthy individuals towards better alignment, improved strength, and prevent injury. She said goodbye to her career as a publicist, traded her power suit for Pilates leggings, and enrolled in the Polestar Pilates Teacher Training Program. Upon completing the rehab-based education program, Elizabeth has been sharing the Pilates Method with others, giving them the tools to navigate life with a healthy and happy body, mind, and spirit. 

Elizabeth Bruckner
Manager, CPI

Ruby R_

Pilates has been a passion for Ruby for over 16 years. After completing her certification and training through Balanced Body in 2011, she's had the privilege of teaching in her home studio (Live Well Pilates). It's been a long time dream of Ruby's to own a studio and we are so happy to have her as a boss and follow her lead! Exciting new things to come!

Ruby Ramdhan
Owner, CPI, CET

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Bio coming soon!

Amy Wise


Elise is a Master Trainer with over 15 years of experience.  She comes to Marathon after owning a very successful studio in CA and leading Advanced Education trainings across the country several times a year over the last ten years.  She received her Pilates training under Marie Jose-Blom, one of the highest regarded teachers in the world and teacher trained beside her after.  She has extensive training in rehabilitation and holds certifications under the likes of Brent Anderson, Elizabeth Larkham, Chrissy Romani-Ruby and Diedra Manns.

She loves working with all types of clients, whether your goal is rehab oriented or to learn a strong foundation in Pilates and then really "do the work."  As an exercise developer for the last ten years, she prides herself on being able to reintroduce you to muscles you did not know you had and to make you not forget them for a few days after. 

Elise Gilbert


Liza’s passion is helping all find health through movement. She completed her certification in high school in the Nashville area and has been teaching Pilates for 5 years. Liza’s goal is to continue to cultivate a safe and welcoming environment for her clients to flourish. Outside of the studio, Liza is a graduate student at Vanderbilt focusing her research in women’s wellness.

Liza Sweeting