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We at Marathon align with the best instructors to ensure that your needs are uniquely met.  Come meet Team MP...

Anissa Pollard | Marathon Pilates


I have dedicated my life to helping others heal through the fundamental Pilates principles. It is why I opened Marathon Pilates 12 South in 2014 and have continued to expand with opening MP East in 2017. By partnering with innovative, educated, competent teachers and Body workers of all kinds, I continue to bring the healing properties of Pilates to Nashville.

 My own post-pregnancy story of crippling back pain led me to Pilates and it healed my body both intrinsically and irrevocably. It continues to be the answer to all my body’s inquiries. Personally, I enjoy facilitating the Pilates Body foundation by mixing it with my own unique blend of what I feel will accomplish what the client needs…a strong and balanced body. Myself and a village of talented, amazing people are here to serve and pass along the methodology of Joseph Pilates’ life work.

I’m a consciously engaged mother of 2 daughters, a faithful dog Roxy, and a mystical little kitty Esme. I am also an avid cross trainer. I love Barre, Spin and love to travel. I have great friends, a loving supportive family and feel like I’m the most grateful being on this planet! I have a BA from Xavier University, 1993 and am a CPI, Balanced Body. My all-time favorite body quote: “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” Joseph Pilates


Mary Vanko | Marathon Pilates

MARY VANKO - CPI and General Manager

In her role as Marathon Pilates’ General Manager, Mary enjoys overseeing the behind-the-scenes aspects of both studio locations and facilitating a consistently superior experience for every client. 

Mary is also a Balanced Body certified Pilates instructor, passionate about sharing the healing properties of the practice with her clients. She strongly believes in the renewing qualities of both the physical principles of Pilates and the practice of self-care that they encourage.

Mary found Pilates after years of high-impact exercise left her with a painful disc injury that required daily maintenance to heal. Through her Pilates practice, she has been able to dramatically increase both her physical health and quality of life. She loves that Pilates provides a customizable, full-body workout and safely increases stability and strength through movement. Mary enjoys designing safe and effective workouts for clients of all fitness levels and cheering them on as they gain new levels of strength and wellness through Pilates.


Lindsey Baylor | Marathon Pilates


Lindsey’s Pilates journey began in college and it could not have come at a better time. Growing up, Lindsey struggled with tight hips and hamstrings and took dance in high school to improve her strength and mobility. Wanting to try something new, she signed up for a Pilates course at Belmont University, hoping that it could help her like dance. She quickly noticed improvements in her strength and flexibility and fell in love with the practice. Seeing the benefits of Pilates firsthand, Lindsey decided to pursue Pilates instructor training through Balanced Body. Lindsey loves working with her clients and teaching others about the benefits of Pilates.


Mysti Meese | Marathon Pilates

MYSTI MEESE - CPI and Manager

Mysti Meese started taking Pilates at the age of eight. Being the daughter of avid cyclists, she loved biking but quickly develop tight hamstrings that gave her knee pain at a young age. She was then introduced into Pilates by her mother, who had Mysti take classes with her to improve flexibility, strength, and alignment. Mysti instantly fell in love with Pilates through classes under Cody Welch and Michelle Tyler Heines. She grew up knowing that applying the Pilates principles through constantly working to balance out muscles groups, strengthen core, and perfect alignment aids in every form of fitness. She believes adding Pilates into any fitness regimen will help keep one safe from injury and maximize optimal body results. She became a Pilates instructor though Balanced Body, training under Master Instructor David Gensheimer. She is a PMA certified Pilates Instrutor. Mysti is a native Texan that graduated from Belmont University with a Public Relations degree and a minor in Education. She went on to work in the music industry for a few years before wanting to add a positive healthy balance to her lifestyle and to help others find that balance through Pilates.


Emily Barbee | Marathon Pilates


Emily became a certified Pilates instructor at the age of eighteen, just prior to moving to NYC to train with the American Ballet Theatre and Joffrey Ballet School for two years. In 2009, soon after returning to Nashville, she suffered a spinal injury that resulted in severe scoliosis, multiple relapses, and disintegrating hopes for a career in dance. The next year she providentially discovered Balanced Body University, and under the mentorship of Erin Myers, became fully certified in their approach to rehabilitative training and anatomical application.

Her personal restoration fuels her profound empathy and intuitive insights for those in pain, and she has experienced great fulfillment in inspiring hope, strength, and joy through movement in her clients. Her exuberance, mastery of technique, and deep faith in our bodies capacity to heal are essential elements in the training she provides.


Christin Frenzel | Marathon Pilates


Christin is a Balanced Body University certified Pilates instructor with over 8 years of progressive teaching experience. Her passion for strength and movement were foreshadowed throughout her years as a gymnast and competitive cheerleader. She went on to coach competitive cheerleading in college and became an ACSM certified personal trainer in 2004.

In January of 2009, Christin started the BBU teachers training program as a way to cultivate excellence through knowledge in her field. She admits to never taking a Pilates class prior to pursuing her certification, and shares this with her clients as a testament to how approachable Pilates is to newcomers and advanced enthusiasts alike.

Needless to say, one class and she was hooked. Her primary focus and methods revolve around injury prevention and total body strength through proper alignment. Though a stickler for form, Christin’s goal in every class is to help you keep your muscles guessing and have FUN doing it. She is a firm believer that experiencing joy in the process of self care is essential to living a whole and balanced life.

When she’s not teaching, you’ll most likely find Christin spending time with her family, loving on her dog, Ruby, or  in the woods hiking, camping, and otherwise getting back to nature with her spectacularly bearded husband, Landon, and their son Quinn.


Tamara Tweedy | Marathon Pilates


Tamara Tweedy grew up here in Nashville, exploring all kinds of movement from basketball to ballet. She attended drama school at Boston University (BFA) and Alabama Shakespeare Festival (MFA) with particular interest in all aspects of physical expression (circus skills, Commedia del’Arte, combat, period movement). Tamara trained for Pilates with the Center for Movement (classical) and with Daniel Giel at the Movement Salon in New York City. She continues her education in bodywork with various workshops (most notably with Irene Dowd). Tamara has taught in New York City (Mind Your Body, Movement Salon, Back in the Game Physical Therapy, Center for Movement, private house calls) as well as in Scarsdale, NY, Sag Harbor, NY, and Paris, France (Element). Her Manhattan studio, Power In Motion, LLC was established in the mid-2000’s and later sold.

Tamara left the bright lights of New York City and returned to the homeland in June of 2014. Happily, she found a “home” at Marathon.


Sirkka Wood | Marathon Pilates


Sirkka is a graduate of The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado where she grew up and also received a BA in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. As a young dancer, Sirkka sustained a hip injury that required surgery at the age of 18. Discovering Pilates and her new found passion for anatomy and the bodies amazing abilities to heal lead to a full recovery and a continued pursuit of her dance career. She was certified as a Pilates instructor in 1995.

In 1996, she moved to NYC to teach Pilates at Hila Pauldi’s UBC Studio and scholarship to study dance with the Erick Hawkins Dance Company. The she also continued to study movement with legendary teachers such as Irene Dowd, Kelly Kane of the Kane School of Core Integration, and Robin Janis and Kevin Gardener of the Iyengar Institute. She taught anatomy and repertoire for the Kane School training program in years 2000-2002.
Sirkka and her husband moved to upstate NY in 2001. There she joined The Moving Body in Woodstock, NY where she had a practice for 12 years as well as being the primary repertoire teacher for The Moving Body Teacher Training.

Sirkka brings over 20 years teaching experience for persons of all ages and abilities. She has a passion for exploring new ways to mobilize and strengthen the body and uses a creative approach to teaching as well as a deep knowledge of the traditional Pilates method.


Lindsey Rae | Marathon Pilates


Lindsey Rae’s personal experience training and teaching dance, aerial arts, flexibility, and calisthenics has shaped how she connects with Pilates and structures her classes.

what to expect: flowy and centering warm-ups, creative and challenging class content that builds strength and stability, flexy cool-downs, and thoughtfully composed playlists that move along with you.

leave feeling: revitalized, mobile, accomplished, empowered, body awareness, strong, grounded, toned, energized

Lindsey Rae is a Balanced Body-trained instructor. She also teaches/has taught Fly Gym aerial fitness, flexibility, and pole classes at The Chrome Bar.


Hannah Blaylock Wakefield | Marathon Pilates


Hannah is passionate about all things health and wellness and treatment for true healing. She spent most of her life in the Alaskan tundra and then fields of rural Arkansas horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing etc. She moved to Nashville for music and spent years in search of treatments and movement activities that would give her the rebalancing she needed from the immobilities and degeneration of the road and urban life. She first discovered Pilates on tour and quickly realized she had found what she had been looking for. She got off the road to develop a new album and immediately dove in and completed her certification at Well Body Pilates. She believes strongly in Pilates because of its ability to prevent pain and decline and efficiently heal and help literally anyone live an effervescent life at any age. From improving athletic development to realigning posture to recovering from an injury, Hannah is honored to bring her upbeat and nurturing nature to assist on her clients' journeys in the venture of whole body health.


Kim Holt | Marathon Pilates


Kim fell in love with Pilates while receiving her MFA in dance choreography and performance at Florida State University. While attending FSU, she studied kinesiology and Pilates under Tom Welsh. In 2008 she received her Pilates certification through Body Arts and Science International (BASI) under the direction of Karen Clippinger. Before attending graduate school, she worked as a dance teacher, choreographer and performer for several schools and companies. She has continued to teach a variety of dance classes, barre classes, circuit classes and Pilates throughout the southeast. Kim has a love for movement and a love for teaching. She enjoys helping her clients reach new goals while gaining a deeper understanding of body awareness and body mechanics.


Lisa | Marathon Pilates




Heather | Marathon Pilates


Heather Herod Cole minored in Business Administration while earning her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College.  She has extensive post-graduate experience in orthopedics, manual therapy and dance medicine, including completing the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries “Principles of Dance Medicine” curriculum.  She is certified in orthopedic manual physical therapy via Maitland Australian Physiotherapy Seminars.  Heather is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association, including the Orthopedics section & Performing Arts Special Interest Group, and is an advanced clinical instructor of the APTA.  Heather is also a member of International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and serves on the executive committee of the Dance/USA Task Force on Dancer Health.  She is the official physical therapist for New Dialect, a professional contemporary dance company, and Fall, an aerial company, in Nashville. 


Heather earned her rehabilitation-based certification in Pilates in March 2012 via Polestar Pilates and is an instructor trainer/educator for Polestar Pilates.  She is trained in STOTT PILATES Level 1 Intensive Comprehensive program.  Combining Pilates into her physical therapy practice had been a long-term goal of Heather’s and is what motivated her to start a practice that combined both modalities.