Workshops | Marathon Pilates

Enneagram Workshop Series
with Evan Barbee

MAR 2019

Enneagram 3 : The Performer

Join us on this deep dive into the accomplished, driven and self-empowered world of the Enneagram 3. In this structure we see the reflection of our own story, our search for our own value and meaning. This type holds important lessons for us all in the delicate and difficult balance between the thrill of exterior accomplishment and the deeper satisfaction of our inner purpose. 

[ Sun, Mar. 10th / 6:30pm - 8pm / 45.00pp / Max 25 ppl ]

Enneagram 3 Panel : The Performer

A recurring Narrative Enneagram Nashville event, this free panel discussion is offered in the method and spirit of the Narrative Tradition. We will hear from community members, business leaders, friends and neighbors of their experience living with the gifts and challenges of Enneagram Type 3.

[ Sun, Mar. 24th/  6:30pm - 8pm / Free  /  Open Admission ]